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The COnquest System

It's very Important to read the Rules and to respect all of them!

Conquest Seasons

one Season lasts  4 Saturdays),

After each Seasons Altars will be unclaimed.

The Clan with most Claimed Altars will get rewards.


Unclaimed Altars are displayed as a question mark on the Map and can only be claimed by an Clan.

A Clan is allowed to claim an unclaimed Altar

every 24h.

Inside the claimed Altar are different things that can be crafted, one of them is a Raidtower. It takes 24 hours till one Raidtower will be crafted


A clan is allowed only to have one Raid Towers placed as the amount of Altars controlled by a Clan..

Raid Towers will display a Icon on the Map.

Raid Towers are allowed to be fortified by a Clan the same is allowed for an Claim Altar.


. Raid Towers will Produce 10 Claim Tokens every 20 minutes while a player is in the proximate surrounding of the Raidtower. [

compared to the Claim Altar the Raid Tower can't be locked and if the clan is not careful others can steal the Claim Tokens]

Every Saturday during 6 and 8 pm UTC Building Damage will be enabled and only Buildings related to the protection of Raidtower and Claim Altars are allowed to be destroyed and claimed!

If Clans place the Raid Tower on or inside their base it's their own fault if collateral damages will happen!

If player damage other structures during the Time on Saturday they will be banned from the Server.

Players can exchange the Claim Tokens into Platin Coins or Craft other Items in a Claim Altar, additionally Players will be automatically rewarded with Platin Coins for every full played Hour on the Server. With those Platin Coins player can buy special rewards at the Conquest Trader.