Conan Exiles Screenshot 2020.09.21 - 14.

Server IP

Welcome to 

The Valkyrian Glory


Conan Exiles Screenshot 2020.09.21 - 14.

Event Description

The event takes place on our Event server and will be active from


Friday 8 pm until Sunday 8 PM UTC Time

Conan Exiles Screenshot 2020.09.21 - 14.
Conan Exiles Screenshot 2020.09.21 - 14.

Map Changes

The Map for the event was slightly modified but there wont be any disadvantage for players that know the Exiled lands by heart or not.

An additional important change is the death system

Every time your health drops below 0 you will fall unconscious for 30 minutes

in this time you either will be executed by a other player or someone will help you up 

Event rules

Every player can join at any given time to participate at the event while the server is open

As participant you can either join solo or team up with one additional player to form a team

the reward will be split between the two players of the team

To win the event one player or a team of two player have to reach level 60 and enter the Final Tower and defeat the Boss

each time a player dies he will get a penalty of losing 10 levels

During the whole event is PVP and building dame turned on and everything is allowed

Conan Exiles Screenshot 2020.09.21 - 15.
Conan Exiles Screenshot 2020.09.21 - 14.

how to win

The first player or team of players that will reach level 60 and defeat the tower will also end the Event

The winner will receive an reward for the server of their choice and also a new title called 

glory of the Valkyrie 

we wish you good luck and lots of fun during the event and hope you will enjoy it